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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1995, Neil DeMause

One of the first “experimental” IF of the modern day, Undo is a very short, very strange game with a simple premise: you’re playing an adventure game on a corrupted disk. All you need to do now to win is get past the duck and the frog. But the game is corrupted– so how will you proceed?

Undo has been called an “anti-game” by many IF fans, and for good reason. The game is packed with self-reference, and a very creative use of logic (or is that anti-logic?) is required to “win” the game. Definitely a cult classic, and NOT everyone’s cup of tea. Once you beat it, you’ll probably either really like the game (like I do), or dismiss it completely as a waste of time. Either way, Undo is one of the cornerstones of modern-day IF scene, and a commendable attempt to break the mold. Well worth a look, but be prepared to get frustrated if you are not used to thinking “out of the box” ;)

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