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V.G. Custom

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1999, Ton Tan Nerw

V.G. Custom is the sequel to V.G. Max, an all-girls Hentai (i.e. adult content) anime 2D fighting game developed by Ton Tan Nerw/Giga. The game, like most Giga titles for Windows 95/98, is a direct port of the PC-9801 title (PC-9801 was a Japanese home computer made by NEC). The plot is as negligible as other fighting games: your job is to defeat all your 9 opponents and proceed to the next stage. For every girl fighter you defeat, you will be treated to pictures of them in provocative poses before the next challenge.

Although ported from the PC-9801version, a few enhancements have been added for Windows, including a super super combo which can be used after you power-up the super combo, and the ability to block and do a counter attack at the same time. Theres also a new secret character that wasnt present in the PC-9801 original, as well as voice acting for all main dialogues.

If you like V.G. Max, youll probably like this very similar sequel that I dont think is as good the animation is choppy, and there are very few moves for each character. Definitely not on par with games like Queen of Heart, not to mention Virtua Fighter series, but still well worth a look. But then again, if you play these games only to look at Hentai pictures, youre going to buy it anyway no matter what I say ;)

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