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V.G. Fighter

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1995, Ton Tan Nerw

Based on a Japanese anime series called Variable Geo, this is a poorly made, hentai (i.e. adult/nudity) fighting game. It was released in 1995, though the graphics make it look much older. This game uses a watered-down, 16-color VGA palette the same for both character graphics and backgrounds. The sound and music don’t seem to work, but even when played with a WAVE player, they’re nothing special. As the player progresses throughout the game, various hentai scenes of their opponents are shown. The true purpose of the game, however, is to get your character to the V.G. hall of fame – where, after winning the fighting tournament, will advance in a big way with their cash reward.

The gameplay of V.G. Fighter is a tad below average on almost any level, the computer can be pummeled with a few well-placed jumpkicks. However, the characters are well-drawn and have some fair special attacks, so it isn’t all bad. If you’re an anime fan, I recommend this game. Otherwise, you should look towards the better-made V.G. Max, or Metal & Lace 2.

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