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Virtua Tennis

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2002, SEGA

Virtua Tennis is a good PC conversion of a reasonably popular tennis game for the Dreamcast console. The game features a new multiplayer mode for up to four players, but the gameplay remains intact.

Like the Dreamcast version, one of the best things about Virtua Tennis is the simplicity of controls and gameplay. You can play the game using just one keyboard button and the arrow keys. You can use another keyboard button to perform a lob, but this is rarely necessary in a match. Better yet, simple controls do not make the game too easy: you can direct the ball to anywhere on the court by quickly pressing buttons just before the moment of impact with the ball. Since the eight computer opponents have different strengths, weaknesses, and tactics, you need to learn what shots are needed for different situations, and which tactics are effective against each opponent.

Like most SEGA sport games, Virtua Tennis boasts excellent 3D graphics, fluid animations, and many gameplay modes. “World Circuit,” the most comprehensive mode, lets you participate in a mixture of short matches and training modes. Winning these matches give you money, which can be spent of a variety of things, ranging from different colored shirts to a new doubles partner. You can watch replay of every match, and enjoy fast-and-furious action that rivals the best arcade games. All in all, a great game for tennis fans who prefer arcade action to realistic simulation of this popular sport. Highly recommended!

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