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GAME DEVELOPER:ionos Productions

GAME PUBLISHER:ionos Productions

Copyright 1997, ionos Productions

WarHeads is a simple but very addictive shareware game from ionos Publishing, done in the vein of the classic artillery duels of early computing days. The game is set in an unexplored quadrant of space, in which competing players take turns to annihilate opposing players positioned near randomly placed planets.

Unlike earlier similar games (Scorched Earth, Worms, and many others), the space setting of Warheads not only provides pretty backdrops, but also introduces an important new factor which makes the game unique: planetary gravity. Any missile you shoot will be affected by the gavitic pull of any planet it passes! This makes for complex, and sometimes amusing trajectories. Add to this a vast array of different types of weapons plus a weapons editor for designing your own variants, and a small selection of defense strategies, and the original simple game is updated for the better.

The fact that the game is non-CPU intensive makes it ideal for Internet play. In a normal turn-based game, up to ten players can engage in a sniping and battering session at one time, or a smaller number can play with computer opponents. The server software necessary for setting up an Internet game is included with the game, and any gamer knows that facing real human opponents is much more unpredictable than AI (artificial intelligence) players.

Also vastly improved over the the classic artillery games are the excellent graphics, hilarious animation, and appropriately explosive sound effects. Full Parallax panning and zooming allow you examine specific parts of the playfield in order to plan your offensive and defensive strategies. Since each new game starts with a new randomly-generated layout of planets and player positions, this flexibility is essential.

Simply put Warheads is one of the most addictive Internet/network games ever made, period. It is also a lot of fun in single-player mode, and even lets you play a head-to-head challenge via a modem connection. The computer AI is tough to beat, so you will find Warheads challenging and impossible to finish without a fine balance between careful planning and reflexes. Definitely a must-have for anyone who enjoys Artillery but wants a more sophisticated strategic layer. Two thumbs up, way up!

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