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WetSpot 2

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Angelo Mottola



Copyright 2000, Angelo Mottola

WetSpot 2 is an outstanding arcade/puzzle hybrid which plays like a cross between Bubble Bobble and Pengo (and the author in fact acknowledge their influence on his site). The game even uses character graphics and music from Bubble Bobble that fans will recognize immediately.

The fact that WetSpot 2 borrows heavily from classic games doesnt mean that it has no merit on its own. In fact, its by combining the gameplay of two classic games that allows WetSpot 2 to be a better game than the sum of its parts. Similar to Bubble Bobble, your task (as a little crab this time) is to defeat enemies by crushing them with blocks. You will find fruit for bonus points after you crush the enemies, and you have to get them all before time runs out. Two players can play simultaneously in a co-operative mode, and there are dozens of quite imaginative mazes, with varying background graphics. With solid level design, dozens of fun items to find and use, and novel two-player mode, WetStop 2 is one excellent clone that is well worth a look. Thumbs up!

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