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Wheel of Time

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GAME DEVELOPER:Legend Entertainment


Copyright 1999, GT Interactive

Robert Jordan’s best-selling novels are lovingly brought to life in Legend Entertainment’s Wheel of Time.

For those not familiar with the books, your main character is an Aes Sedai, a keeper of the light. The Aes Sedai are charged to protect the Ter’Angreal, sacred artifacts that keep the world from being destroyed. Demons have stolen these artifacts in order to create destruction and amplify their evil powers.

Wheel of Time acts as a prequel to the series. However, this game is not your garden-variety shooter. Instead of the usual guns and futuristic weapons that inhabit most action shooters, the weapons are based on the Ter’Angreal. Each artifact has it’s own special powers and advantages. The sublime 3D graphics and cinematic quality cut scenes are only the beginning of the highlights in this miniature masterpiece.

Wheel of Time‘s levels are lengthy, challenging, and well designed. The only flaw is that enemies are either mildly challenging or overly powerful. When you’re lost in the seamless world of the game, this seems a minor quibble.

Legend is no stranger in bringing famous novels to the gaming arena. They have also created games based on novels by Frederick Pohl (Gateway), Piers Anthony (Companions of Xanth), Margaret Weiss (Death Gate), and Spider Robinson (Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon). Legend takes the same care in translating Jordan’s novels to the small screen.

The single player scenario limits you to playing the Aes Sedai race, which is challenging on it’s own. The multiplayer scenarios allow you to play as one of three different races and alignments and features arena and death matches. Also on the upside, the game has few bugs and is based on a clean adaptation of the Unreal engine.

Overall, Wheel of Time is another fantastic highlight from the legendary Legend entertainment.

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