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Wild Cards

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1995, Corel

Wild Cards is an excellent collection of card games, designed with kids in mind. It does for cards what Corel’s Wild Board Games does for board games: present a good range of popular family card games in an attractive cartoony format, with an intuitive interface, on-line help, and a full range of computer opponents.

From family classics like Fish!, Hearts, and Old Maid, to slightly more advanced games of Twenty-One, any card game fan will definitely enjoy a wide range in one of the best releases from Corel (although that’s not saying much, given how average the rest of their line-up was). You can choose where you want to play the game (e.g. in the living room, the kitchen, etc.), and although this changes only the background graphics and animations, it makes the package much more appealing to kids. Voice acting for various computer opponents (cartoon animals), in contrast to the majority of multimedia games, is excellent throughout. With a very polished look, intuitive interface, and a great selection of card games, Wild Cards should keep kids of all ages entertained. Highly recommended!

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