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Wilson ProStaff Golf

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1993, Novotrade

Wilson ProStaff Golf is a hugely underrated golf game by Novotrade, published by Konami. It is unfortunate that the game is not as well know as big-budget titles such as Links or Jack Nicklaus series, because Wilson packs enough excellent gameplay to attract golf fans, both novices and experts.

In addition to the usual plethora of options one would expect in a golf game, Wilson introduces several new features that are well worth a look. The best of these is the focus on competition styles: in contrast to games such as Links that tries to replicate tournament conditions, Wilson focuses on various kinds of friendly competition that amateur golfers enjoy. There are various team modes, including best ball, straight scramble, drop out scramble, straight skins and many more. The gameplay itself is also innovative: in addition to the familiar “swing meter,” the game offers a moving cursor that appears on the ball right after you use the swing meter: this is used to determine where on the ball to hit. Although a bit difficult to learn at first, this is an excellent way to make specific shots, including curves. The graphics are pleasant and more than adequate, although sound effects are lacking.

Overall, I found Wilson ProStaff Golf to be an enjoyable “light” golf game. Too bad the game only has one course, but the good variety of competitive options helps enhance longevity of the game. Highly recommended, especially for anyone looking for a casual golf game that has no pressure of a competitive tournament.

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