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Wing Commander

Wing Commander is a first person flight simulation shooting game. With a science fiction story line and scenes, Galaga fanatics willbe jumping right into its cockpit and fly.


The intro movie of this game is quite good for its genre. It makes youfeel like watching old movies like Star Wars. Journeys into spacewith all kinds of battleships, meteors everywhere, a typical sci-fi movie. The first screen introduces you to the crew of yourmothership, the Claw; Paladin, Shotglass and a hot female officernamed Angel. You will also have a selection of a training minigame at the left side of Paladin, a battle simulator to familiarize yourself with the controls. It’s a little tricky at first using the mouse to maneuver around enemy ships, hitting their tails and finally blasting them off to space. After that you could explore the ship going to the barracks and you will find lockers there and a place to sleep. The saving point here is very unique and it made me smile when I first saw it. Just check it and you would really find it cute. The design of the interior of the ship is very detailed and is very good for a game that’s made in 1990. The background music sounds like a jazz band with cool bass lines that blends well into the game. Makes you feel you’re home after a long day of battling in the front lines.

The missions are given after you go the mission hangar and a very good cut scene will be shown. The game developers focused on the details of faces of the characters and showing dozens of emotions. The graphics of Wing Commander is very elaborate for its era. After getting the hang of it the game gets quite frustrating if your mission fails but when you do succeed it makes it all the more worth it.


Gamers that like shooting games like this one should try this now free to download classic from Origin Games. You will probably sit and play this for a lot of fun hours. Just do not forget to type “loadfix -1″ in DosBox in able to play this through. It will crash on the second mission if you don’t.

Good luck on your missions. You are dismissed!

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