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Wizardry VII

First off Wizardry 7 is a first person RPG (role playing game) that
involves up to 6 characters in a party system and turn based gameplay.
It is a complex game with many races such as Human, Elf, Dwarf,
Gnome, Hobbit, Faerie, Lizardman, Dracon, Felpurr, Rawulf and Mook.
I didn’t encounter the last few races in any of the new MMORPGs that I
currently play that is why it sparked my interest to find out more about these
creatures. I created a party of six different characters ranging from thief to
fighters. There are many attributes to choose from and a long list of spells
and skills to gain. The selection screen when creating is quite dark but that is
understandable as to depict a dungeon like ambiance. The faces to choose from are
ok and had few that I liked. All attributes are customizable and can be changed within
the game even if you want to rename a character.

The game starts with you meeting Altheides, a robot like creature with its
mechanical brain shown. And explains to you the magical and powerful artifact known
as Astral Dominae. It can be found in the lost planet of Guardia that is also targeted by
your nemesis, the Dark Savant. The scene changes into the black ship, the ship of darkness,
vessel of destruction looking for the lost planet within the vast universe. You are also shown
a character, Vi Domina, a beautiful girl on the enemy’s ship that has the answer on unlocking
the power of the artifact. But there are also others like the T’rang and the Umpani that knows
the secret.

Then you arrived at the planet of Guardia within its huge forest. Your party wanders the
pathways and encounters a pretty female in blue clothes riding a flying red jetski
that greets you and vanishes quickly as she appeared. The controls for movement are like that
of Dance Revo because it is on the floor with the various clickable options for saving and viewing
your characters. I continue to explore the terrain when I was ambushed by four rats
called rattkins with throwing daggers and I died ^_^ . Loading the game is easy and can be
done ingame if you are not satisfied with your gameplay.

You will encounter questions like “Does mankind has a destiny?”, “Does the universe have a destiny?”,
“Who is this Dark Savant, this dark herald of change?”, “Do you shape or worsen the situation?”
Lots of hours of roleplaying goodness and fun on exploring the vast maps of Wizardry 7.

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