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Wizard’s Doom

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Thaedeus Zefuldar

GAME DEVELOPER:Uptown Productions

GAME PUBLISHER:Uptown Productions

Copyright 1989, Uptown Productions

Wizard’s Doom is a decent third-person puzzle game in the same vein as Soko-Ban, except not as devious or fun. The plot is that you have been captured inside some evil wizard’s castle, and your goal is to collect 5 keys on each level to open up the exit. In your way are arrow blocks and other obstacles you have to push in the right order. You have only 99 seconds to solve each level, and this time limit makes the game very hard at higher levels – not because the puzzle is tough, but because you barely have time to move all the boxes into place and make your way out. If you like Soko-Ban, there is little reason to play this inferior puzzler.

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