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World Championship Boxing Manager

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Copyright 1990, Goliath Games

World Championship Boxing Manager (WCBM) is a great sport game by Goliath Games that not only pioneered the niche genre of boxing simulation, but also stands today as one of the best games of its kind ever made.

WCBM puts you in control of up to 5 boxers. You must use your skills as Manager/Promoter against the 17 computer-controlled managers who together have 100 boxers under contract. In addition to tactical acumen that is required in most simulation games, you will also need strong negotiation skills to secure bouts against rated boxers, which will increase the world ranking of your fighters on their long, arduous road to becoming world champions.

Your routine job as manager is to scout for new talent and court them to sign contracts with you, and prepare your boxers prior to each bout. You can plan each boxers training schedule in detail, and different activities realistically affect different statistics. For example, running improves stamina, and weight training improves strength. Certain injuries may occur during training, e.g. sparring may result in a cut, or weight training may pull a boxer’s muscle, forcing you to postpone a fight.

During each bout, your role is to plan the boxers tactical moves and counter the opponents strategy. You must also keep an eye out for your boxers damage and tiredness levels, and repair him as necessary between rounds. Part of the fun in WCBM is gauging the judges impression of your boxers performance. There are three judges, as in real life, each with individual personality and his own style of scoring. To make the game more challenging, boxing commentator in the game also colors the match with his own opinion. You must rely upon biased opinions from Eddie the Expert, make your own assessment during the fight, and hope that it agrees with the judges opinions.

With a lot of tactical and strategic options, innovative gameplay including individualistic judges and emphasis on negotiation skills, WCBM is no doubt one of the best boxing simulation games ever made. If you are a boxing fan, dont pass this underdog up.

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