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Worlds at War

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1990, RAW Entertainment

Worlds at War is a lackluster space war game that tries to compete with SSG?s classic Reach for The Stars by offering some new features, but is ultimately marred by a poor user interface and AI.

The gameplay will be familiar to fans of 4X genre: manage your factories, build units, then expand and conquer the opposing side with your fleet. The problem is that the game is very abstract, with little random elements that would enliven the experience. Whereas Reach for The Stars could get away with being abstract and ?spreadsheet?-oriented on account of its rock-solid AI that SSG is famous for, the weak AI in Worlds at War makes gameplay a tedious, repetitive affair after the novelty of boardgame-style interface wears out. If you like 4X games that focus on resource allocation and strategic planning, Worlds at War is worth a try… if only for the first few minutes it will take to realize how much better Reach for The Stars is. Thumbs down for this average underdog.

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