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Copyright 1991, Softworld

X-Rock (a.k.a. Rockin’ Magic Ball) is a thoroughly average Tetris variant from Softworld, Taiwan’s most prolific gaming developers. Probably the only reason anyone might want to play this game over numerous other excellent Tetris games (including Triptych, Nyet 3, and Lose Your Marbles – all reviewed on this site) is to check out digitized photos of nude females that are ‘exposed’ gradually as you clear the screen.

The gameplay is very

basic, and is actually easier than most falling-block games: all you have to do is line up three balls of the same color in either the vertical or horizontal direction. The difference is that you don’t even have to care about fitting the shapes that much – gravity plays a part in this game, so that any ball that is ‘suspended’ in mid-air immediately falls down, even if it is part of a block. This makes gameplay relatively easy, especially to anyone who has gritted teeth in frustration at the higher levels of Snood. All in all, there is not much reason to play X-Rock if your goal is not to collect (or, worse still, play) all the games ever made with adult material. Still, it’s a decent enough game that Tetris fans might enjoy for a few minutes.

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