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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1998, Mike Brent

Yiff! is a very addictive, original puzzle game for one or two players. The game is a variant of little-known board game called Chain Reaction, which plays like a curious cross between traditional Othello, Life game, and Street Fighter: two players take turns placing foxes into ‘rooms’ on a grid. After a certain number of foxes fill a room, they change color and scatter to adjoining rooms. The goal is to change all foxes to your own color. As you create bigger chain effects, a pair of Street Fighter-inspired “fox-morphs” battle out fighting combos at the bottom of the screen. Great idea, addictive gameplay. Puzzle lovers will definitely enjoy this obscure freeware gem. If you like a more straightforward PC version of Chain Reaction, check out that game with the same name on this site. Two thumbs up!

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