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YS Flight

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Copyright 2004, Soji Yamakawa

Fans of diehard flightsims should stop reading about now, this is not the game for you. However, those wishing more entertainment than realism might be interested in YS Flight, CaptainYS’s ambitious project.

As the game features both civilian and military airplanes, it is possible to jump into the cockpit of a Concorde, after a duel against F-15′s in your Su-27. The game also has several different scenarios, ranging from a Pacific atoll to real-life airport in Japan. The install is “relatively” small, taking up about 20 megabytes, which means some downsides to the game, like the lack of individual cockpits, very generalized weapon layouts, and not too bright AI.

Flying alone can become quite boring after a while, even though in addition to “free flight,” the game offers ground attack, intercept and escort missions, and the best and most fun feature in YS Flight: multiplayer dogfights and co-operative mode over Internet.

Overall, YS Flight is fun, especially as a multiplayer game, the developer keeps updating the program fairly frequently, and with a bit of Googling you’ll be able to discover huge amounts of additional airplanes and scenarios to spice up your game. (Unfortunately most of their authors explicitly deny the right to redistribute them, so they can’t be included to this page.) Recommended.

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