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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Free Lunch Design


Copyright 2004, Free Lunch Design

Zombiepox is a fun coffee-break action game coded in 48 hours by Johan Peitz of Icy Tower fame. The review at Acid-Play says it well about this small-but-fun underdog:

“Your hometown has been overrun with zombies! Your friends are busy being converted to the side of the undead! Now it’s up to you to use your brains and save them!

Zombiepox is a mildly entertaining, high quality freeware game. It was originally made in only 48 hours, which isn’t long in game making terms but despite this chronological challenge the creators where able to put together some fairly solid gameplay. You proceed through each level by converting all the undead back into your fleshy human friends by feeding them a fresh, pulsating human brain. This task is made slightly more difficult by your friends who seem completely oblivious to the imminent danger and are quite happy to wander around the brain hungry undead, putting themselves at risk of getting turned into one of the undead.

Zombiepox features similar cartoony graphics to the rest of Free Lunch Design’s games, which are in my opinion very appealing and effective. For Zombiepox to have joined my list of favorite freeware games it would have needed some really great sound but, sadly, it’s in the audio department that Zombiepox falls short. The zombie’s annoying mumble of BrAiNs and the funny farting sound the brains make when you throw them to the floor are both far from inspiring. All you have to do is turn the sound off and what you have is a great way of killing some time at work or at school.”

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