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3D World Boxing

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Gaetano Dalboni



Copyright 1992, Simulmondo

3D World Boxing is an average boxing game that looks better than it plays. Choosing from dozens of boxers available, you can either play a single match or an entire championship.

The graphics are definitely the highlight of this game. Each fight is introduced with great fanfare by a well-animated announcer (and the obligatory scantily clad females), and both boxers’ moves are reasonably realistic. I like the fact that boxers are quite large on the screen – this makes it much easier to see whether the punches connect with their targets or not. Unfortunately, the gameplay is very simplistic – you can only press ENTER to punch, with no way of changing the weight of your punch, let alone a choice of hook, jab, etc. This makes the game a very repetitive affair of moving close to the opponent, press ENTER a few times, then move out. Although you can choose from many boxers, they all look very similar on screen, and there is no in-depth statistics to tell them apart. In short, this is an average game that boxing fans can safely miss, although it may entertain them for the first few bouts.

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