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Alien Versus Predator: Gold Edition

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GAME PUBLISHER:Fox Interactive

Copyright 2000, Rebellion

Alien Versus Predator: Gold Edition is a superb re-release of Alien Versus Predator, one of the best and most underrated first-person shooters ever made – not to mention one of the scariest. This version offers over 50 levels, 16 multiplayer maps, improved graphics and a completely rebuilt multiplayer codebase from the original game, 5 bonus levels for each race, the Millenium Expansion pack (which adds two new weapons for the Marine and 9 new multiplayer levels), Prima’s Official Strategy Guide, and numerous other tweaks including support for custom maps. The best option, in my opinioon, is the new in-game save feature – a welcome addition because I would not be able to finish this difficult game otherwise. As to a detailed rundown of how great the game is, this review has the goods:

Aliens Vs. Predator [sic] was scary, and the Gold Edition is just a little more ooze on top of an already frightening experience. With AvP gamers got to experience a new level of horror gaming. You play as either the marine, alien, or predator, and each character provides a unique gaming experience. With AvP Gold Edition you get a chance to catch up on one of the greatest FPS games of 1999, and you get some nice goodies.

AvP was something of a sleeper hit. Overwhelmingly, reviewers and gamers enjoyed it. The three different perspectives on the action provide remarkably good play, and the game is suitably difficult to last for awhile and provide good replay. Various gizmos and weapons offer a lot of killing variety, and on a LAN the multiplayer is remarkable.

The game basics are as follows: You play either the marine, alien or predator. As a marine you have access to a basic arsenal of powerful guns, including two new weapons in AvPG, and you can use your night vision goggles to see in the dark. As the alien you work to save your species’ eggs, and the only weapons you have available are your claws, tail, and teeth. The predator is the ultimate hunting machine, with access to several modes of vision and a full range of weapons. Everything you have seen in the Aliens or Predator movies is available, including the shoulder cannon, big machine guns, and that great little boomerang disk.

You progress through different missions, six for predator, six for marine, and five for alien, and follow separate storylines. In the Gold Edition you get five bonus levels, too. One of the feats of the game is how different each experience is. The predator is a hunter, and playing as a predator feels like hunting. With your cloaking device and super high-tech weapons you can proceed without much fear. Although it is still tough playing as the predator, you feel firmly in charge. As the alien it really feels like youre playing an animal. You can run on any surface, floors, walls, or ceilings, and the camera is a warped fish-eye, just like the first-person perspective shots in the films. To gain health as an alien you must use your jaw attack to suck the life out of a human. Sometimes marines cower in fear at your feet, immobilized by your presence. The marine provides the scariest experience by far. As a marine you’re being hunted by two different species, and you feel, despite your array of weapons, like a helpless ordinary joe.

The graphics have reportedly been improved in the Gold Edition. Other reviewers say the graphics improvements are negligible, and having not played the original release I cant say much more than that. However, I can say I am impressed with the graphics. Again, the fish-eye perspective on the alien is great. Also, the different vision modes, essential to playing any of the characters, are really cool. Standard gameplay graphics arent cutting edge, but they are not bad at all.” A must-have for every FPS fan, and a worthy inductee into our Hall of Belated Fame.

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