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Antarctic Adventure

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1984, Konami

Antarctic Adventure is a very cute and funny game from Konami starring Pentarou the Penguin (who later appears in Konami’s Parodius) who must journey across the Antarctic to deliver his fianc?. The game is played from pseudo 3D, a behind-the-Penguin perspective, as you watch Pentarou jump over pits and avoid walruses and other Antarctic obstacles. First released for the Colecovision, the game is a faithful translation of Konamis hit arcade game of the same name that was only released in Japan. The gameplay is simple, but its the simple charm that will keep you hooked, just as in many other Konami classics. Two thumbs up!

Note: the game was never made for PC. This download is the MSX version recompiled to work in DOS with no emulator required, thanks to Friends, one of the more prolific MSX crackers groups.

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