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Betrayal at Krondor

Betrayal at Krondor is a DOS computer role-playing game developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra Entertainment in 1993. The game world of Betrayal at Krondor is derived directly from Midkemia, the fantasy world developed by Raymond E. Feist.

Although neither the dialog nor narrative were written by Feist himself, the game is considered canon in that it has been novelized by Feist as Krondor: The Betrayal and events taking place in the game were subsequently written into later novels in the Riftwar series. When Sierra released a ‘spiritual successor’ – Betrayal in Antara – in 1997, they made Betrayal at Krondor freeware, ostentiably as a marketing tactic.




This is one of the GREATEST ROLE PLAYING GAMES OF ALL TIME. Ranks up there with Baldur’s Gate and dare I say MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft. This was a breakthrough game with fantastic graphics, and a switching view between first person and third person (when in combat). It’s one of the few role playing games (even to this day) that successfully de-emphasized hack and slash by introducing very challenging yet interesting puzzles (Moredhel Warlock Chests) and a very engaging storyline.

You’d enjoy this game much more as well when played in between the various novels of Raymond E. Feist as the is interwoven with the book series on Midkemia!

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