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Champions of Krynn

Champions of Kyrnn was the first of a trilogy of AD&D computer games based on the Dragonlance universe. The game utilized the now ‘legendary’ Gold Box Engine which was used in a number of other AD&D games, particularly the ones based in Forgotten Realms..Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, and others.


As a certified AD&D/TSR Geek, I love all of these Goldbox games which were the first translation of AD&D rules into the PC. Imagine the joy of realizing we can do away with all the sheets of paper and volumes of thick books and simply play AD&D in the PC..with sound and music to boot! The graphics maybe very dated today but coming from ‘using your imagination’ to seeing your characters and party..any graphics was great back then.

I could have/should have selected the more popular (and many would say better) games of the series to feature here (and I may still do so in the future)…but This first Dragonlance Game I find quite relevant, being a very big fan of the original Dragonlance Chronicles, and the Dragonlance AD&D world with it’s Kender and Draconian races and unique Magic rules (Magic being dependent on the Moons). Just getting the chance to create and play a Red Mage named Raistlin is definitely worth the time looking at this game for me.

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