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Chess Partner

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1983, Scott Murray

One of the earliest CGA freeware chess programs, Chess Partner by Scott Murray is an excellent chess game that surprisingly stands the test of time rather well – even 20 years after the initial release. Although it naturally lacks the pizzazz of modern chess games, Chess Partner still offers plenty of play value for a 1983 game. There are over 10 difficulty levels to choose from, with a competent AI behind higher levels. Pieces are presented in primitive but adequate CGA graphics, and you move by typing in standard chess notations (e.g. “E2-E4″). There is also a built-in timer that makes the game more exciting (well, not directly – but when you realize you are spending 10 minutes per move, you’d feel the pressure to hurry up :) ) Chess fans and game collectors alike will enjoy this blast from the past that proves, once again, that good games never die. Highly recommended!

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