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Creep Clash

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1994, 47-Tek

Creep Clash is a thoroughly awful low-budget 3D fighting game from 47-Tek, a small Japan-based developer. Although the genre doesn’t really need one, here’s the hackneyed plot anyway: in the land of Eternal Night, a leadership battle is being waged between various undead. The winner will have the dubious honor of opening the Great Door to the land of the living on Halloween night. You choose between four contestants: Pumpkin Pyre, a hollowed pumpkin that breathes flames, Lugtwig Van Vampirebat, a bat with a deadly gaze, Frankenclod, a Frankenstein look-a-like with a rocket pack on his back to allow him to fly and screech, and the Demon Spawn. The gameplay is typical fighting game fare: you pick a fighter to control, then fight against either another human player or the computer for supremacy.

Just about everything that could go wrong in a fighting game does go wrong in Creep Clash. The background graphics is almost nonexistent, the monsters are made up of simple polygons glued together, and the numbers of characters and stages are both very small. The game’s only redeeming values are probably the above-average number of attack and movement combinations, and 3-4 camera angles you can switch from. But these, unfortunately, are not enough to save this Real Dog. I’m not exactly sure why I put this game on the site – probably as an example of a bad game from Japan to show some Japanophiles who are convinced that every game from Japan is good. Anyway, the file size is quite small, and if you collect fighting games I know you will download this crap anyway *EG*.

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