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Crystal Maze

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Sean Fausett & Nick Westgate

GAME DEVELOPER:Digital Jellyfish Design


Copyright 1993, Sherston

A good multiplayer puzzle contest game based on an underrated British game show in the early ’90s, up to 16 players compete in Crystal Maze to be the first to get out of the maze, which comprises various “zones.” In each room, players select the type of puzzle to tackle, which range from wordplay to logic problems to mysteries. Hot-seating is the only way to play the game. Overall, it’s a fun and captivating puzzle game, if a bit repetitive and obscure at times.

Note: Sherston Software still sells the game for a bargain price. Look under “The Crystal Maze” on the product list on the official order link below to find the game :)

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