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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Goldtree Enterprises

GAME PUBLISHER:SoftDisk Publishing

Copyright 1996, Goldtree Enterprises

Cylindrix is a 3-on-3 combat game with 360 degrees of freedom that is similar to Spectre VR but with a wider variety of ships, as well as the addition of drivers. Attack and be attacked from all angles as you battle in huge orbiting arenas that are each unique in physics, atmospheric conditions, and configuration. You must build your team from 37 warriors from 10 alien races and select from 8 vehicles, each with unique maneuverability, speed, and firepower.

The graphics are good, although structure and ship graphics are a little too monotonous. Gameplay is fast and furious… so furious, in fact, that it is difficult to differentiate between friend and foe in the thick of battle. For those who are confident of their reflexes or have beaten Spectre and Battlezone, though, this game is worth a look. Highly recommended, especially to the action pros who find Tempest 2000 far too easy :)

Best of all, you can now download both the game and the source code from the developer’s website below. The author has even ported the original DOS version to Windows and Linux, which is what you can download here.

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