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Defender of Grim

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Antimatter Entertainment


Copyright 2004, Antimatter Entertainment

Defender of Grim is a fun and atmospheric action game that starts out as a simple arcade game, but will grow on you after a while. You’re the one and only chance the dying alien species of Grim have, as they befall army after army of extra terrestrial scum out to get them. Fly around and use every one of the 5 weapons you have, along with the constant powerups raining from the sky, to defeat the onslaught of bugs before it’s too late! Play until you die and try to beat your record, or sample one of the fine extra modes or supplied reading.

The strategy in this game is subtle, but soon you will see that to survive for very long you’re going to need to know the ups and downs of each offensive attack, and when and where to use powerful crate combo attacks. Defend those Grim!

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