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Dino: Lost in Bedrock

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Hi-Tech Expressions

GAME PUBLISHER:Hi-Tech Expressions

Copyright 1991, Hi-Tech Expressions

Hi-Tech Expressions botched another blockbuster TV license with this game, a lackluster platformer starring Fred Flintstones. The plot is simple: Fred and Barney are out looking for Dino, Freds pet dinosaur that is lost somewhere in Bedrock city. The game looks bad with blocky characters and choppy animations. But what makes it REALLY bad is the almost impossible controls that require an anal degree of precision that most players will just give up after the first few minutes. Another letdown is that you cannot control both Fred and Barney at the same time; only one or the other. The only consolation in the game is that there are some amusing antics and monsters that Flintstones fans will recognize, but the fun only lasts so long before the tedium kicks in. Steer clear of this one, folks.

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