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Electric Crayon: World of Nintendo

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1991, Brian Rice

World of Nintendo is another entry in an underrated Electric Crayon coloring book series. This is a fun, albeit simple, animated coloring books featuring famous characters from Super Mario series. Designed for toddlers, the program is very easy to learn and use: on each page, kids color the picture with a palette of colors at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the active color brings up more colors of similar tones and shades, giving a full 256-color range of VGA resolution at the artist’s disposal. Once you complete the picture, you can click on the “run” icon to see a brief, funny animation of the characters you just painted.

Aside from being a simple coloring book, The Electronic Crayon also has some edutainment value: each picture depicts Mario in a specific occupation, e.g. astronomer, scientist, or ballet dancer. Clicking on his job title brings up a screen that explains what that particular professional does in his/her job. With dozens of pictures and plenty of colors to use, World of Nintendo will keep kids in your house entertained for a while – perhaps while waiting to play the next Super Mario game :)

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