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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1996, Toni R?s?nen

The game is simple; move your ship (on the bottom of the screen) left to right to dodge the enemy ships, which descend in various patterns from the top of the screen – of course you’ve also got your rapid-fire atomic pea-shooter to blast the aliens with. You’ll get some points when you do so. Score also gradually decreases, so you’d better keep shooting those ships.

At first, you might mistake GUB for an inanely silly and oversimplistic shooter – ugly and bad sounding on top of that. Well, it’s that too. But more it’s a sort of mind-emptying, meditative tool once you get the hang of the patterns of the alien ships. Heard of the trance-like state some people enter playing hours of Robotron? Playing GUB has a similar effect, chasing the high score is a perfect break from the outer world for a few minutes. Recommended!

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