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Risk [1991]

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs



GAME PUBLISHER:Virgin Interactive

Copyright 1991, Azeroth

This is the Windows 3.1 version of Risk, first published by Virgin for PC in 1989 for DOS. Developed by Azeroth, this version is very faithful to the board game, except it has a disappointingly dumb computer AI which makes a game goes by far too quickly. As in the classic Parker Brothers board game, Risk lets two to six human and/or computer players contest to conquer the world with their armies.

Despite computer players having three different skill levels, they are easy to beat even on the hardest difficulty level. Also disappointing is the lack of diplomacy options – something that makes the board game so addictive. All in all, this 1991 version is not much improved over the DOS original – and far less fun than the excellent and newer Risk II (also reviewed on this site). Recommended only for a few minutes of nostalgia.

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