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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2002, Safrosoft

Safrosoft’s RoX is not just well-polished with its lush graphics, it’s also one of the most successful puzzle-hybrids I’ve ever seen. Putting together the elements of Sokoban and Boulder-Dash, both popular games with many abandon- and free-ware fans, it’s far too complex to review very completely.

You control a Pac-Man-fish with teeth. Levels can be made up of dirt, immovable blocks, gravity-affected rocks, glowing nuclear chunks you have to collect, and plenty of other things. Excitingly you can get acquainted with these elements in the level editor. Already fans have put together collections of maps you can download which you can get from the RoX homepage. When you’ve played this sleek game for long enough you may want to put together some challenging level packs too.

RoX is such a funky game, with so many levels to play, and so much scope in creating more, it would be something of a mistake to miss out.

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