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Total Carnage

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Handmade Software


Copyright 1994, Handmade Software

Total Carnage is a near-flawless PC conversion of the sequel to Midway’s arcade classic Smash TV!. Although not as funny as Smash TV!, Total Carnage still packs a lot of humor and addictive thumb-blistering mayhem. The plot as simple as it gets for shooty games: up to two players can play as Captain Carnage and Major Mayhem, quirky heroes who must blast their way through the Baby Milk Factory to fight Orcus, the Mother of All Bosses. Along the way, they must collect keys to enter the aptly named Pleasure Domes and killed hundreds of baddies who stand in their way.

Simply put, Total Carnage is top-down 360-degree shooting game at its best. The enemies never stop coming-you will find yourself surrounded by dozens of them at a time-and there are many special fun weapons and secret areas to find. The dual 8-way control scheme is very easy to use, and the graphics and animations are both top-notch. The bottom line is simple: Total Carnage is an excellent combination of fun, gore, explosions, fighting, outrageous weapons and a wonderful sense of humor that no arcade fan should be without. Two thumbs up, way up!

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