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Warbirds III

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:iEntertainment Network

GAME PUBLISHER:iEntertainment Network

Copyright 2000, iEntertainment Network

Warbirds III is an extremely good flight sim, designed mainly for multiplayer gaming, but can be played offline aswell. The successor to Warbirds 2.xx (incremental releases were made), this is a WW2 flight simulation with planes from the main powers in the war – Britain, Germany, USA and Japan. There are also 2 Italian planes available. In addition to planes, you can also use ground vehicals such as tanks and halftracks.

On multiplayer, you can also bomb enemy bases, and when they are out of action, it is possible to capture them by dropping paratroopers, thus making it available for your country’s use. There are 4 sides – Red, Green, Gold and Purple. A very slight downside is that there are no set missions, but you can make missions of your own in multiplayer, such as getting some people together to give you a fighter escort for example. When someone else is in a bomber, a good feature is that you can be a gunner while they fly the plane, but gun positions can also be commandeered by the person flying the plane. All in all, this game is very well done, and is worth downloading!

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