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X-COM: UFO Defense

X-COM: UFO Defense is one of those games that transcends technology and time. Playing this game on your bleeding edge PC Today is just as enjoyable as it was playing it when it was first released over 15 years ago. Yes the graphics is ‘dated’ but that’s not what makes this game what it is.

The game has two general modes of play..a “Macro-strategy” mode wherein you control various bases, manage resources, conduct air-to-air combat, and do scientific research. The second mode is a very enjoyable turn-based Squad Tactics game.Your success in the latter would obviously depend on your success in the former…and vice versa.


The depth and playability and more importantly replayability of this game is nearly unmatch, present ‘hi-tech games’ included…at least on a single player level.

I’ve had a copy of this game on EVERY computer I owned since it was first released on 1993. It really, really is THAT GOOD.

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